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Blog World New Media Expo Was AWESOME!

BY Jeff Ryan Blog World Started with Keynote speaker Scott Stratten, author of UNmarketing with his message of be AWESOME… because people don’t buy mediocre…they buy AWESOME. Stratten’s message set the tone through the entire conference. Stratten was one of [...]

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New Media Has Become The New Mainstream

By Jeff Ryan The Daily Dish, Andrew Sullivan’s blog, turned 10 years old this week. Sullivan, editor of “The New Republic 1990-1996, weekly contributor to New York Times Sunday Magazine, Sunday London Times and Atlantic Monthly has a million unique [...]

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Is It Time To Panic For Newspapers? Hell Yes!

That’s my take after hearing a lecture by Professor Michael Schudson of Columbia University, recipient of the MacArthur Foundation “genius” award, a Guggenheim Fellow and known as one of the brightest bulbs in the journalism research and education. It may [...]

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There And Back Again

Well, here it is: My first post to our new blog. I have been involved in the media industry for more than thirty years, and what an interesting ride it has been! First with my father’s news clipping business while [...]

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