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Why doesn’t Hummingbird have the Media Monitoring Industry humming?

For the first time in 12 years, Google has completely rewritten its search algorithm. Panda and Penguin were updates to the existing algorithm but Hummingbird is a complete replacement designed to deliver results from questions and not just keywords. The [...]

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The Dumbing Down of the Media Monitoring Industry

Time flies by so fast and the evolution of media is a perfect example of how quickly things change … Yet… Stay the same….when Frank Burelle and Robert Luce started the first clipping services in 1888. They couldn’t have foretold [...]

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Got a breaking story? Talk to Accounting

By Jeff Ryan The legitimization of citizen journalists How often do we hear the term “breaking news”? Constantly, right? The truth is… there is no real breaking news these days. Stories are sold to us as” breaking news” for the [...]

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Scott Stratten @unmarketing “Keep Going Until We Stop”

I’ve seen Scott speak a few times and always enjoyed  but never so much as this [...]

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