There And Back Again

Well, here it is: My first post to our new blog.

I have been involved in the media industry for more than thirty years, and what an interesting ride it has been! First with my father’s news clipping business while I was in high school, then working in radio and TV time sales, then the advertising/public relations industries and back again to the business my Father started in 1962.

We re-named the company Mediagofer in 2002 to reflect our function as an office gofer and being a totally online news portal. We changed to Media Intel when we added broadcast and social networks to our monitoring service. But October 1st, we officially go back to Mediagofer after some loving encouragement from Intel corp. hence the title, there and back again. It may be an old name, but we’re more up-to-date than ever.

Much has changed since the days of reading and clipping news articles for
our clients. Newspapers are shrinking in original content everyday demanding that media-monitoring companies like ours change with the state of the media or perish with the printed page. As Tina Brown, Founder of The Daily Beast , former editor of Vanity Fair and The NewYorker magazines, said in an interview with Howard Kurtz, “Digital media is now driving the print industry”. Print will be with us for some time to come ( I hope a long time), but digital media is the driver of today’s news. It is only a matter of time digital broadband access changes broadcast television forever by the likes of Hulu  ( a venture initially started by NBC, FOX and ABC), You tube, Google/TV and other up and coming content providers. Clearly the Head Fred’s in broadcast saw the writing on the wall regarding broadcast’s future with the launch of Hulu.

Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Identica, Digg , and Flickr and countless targeted forums and blogs have also changed the way we communicate and consume news and advertising. It is not enough to be fed news or advertising. Now, the public is part of the game, interacting with and influencing news and brands that want them as consumers.

At Mediagofer, we learned a long time ago that we have to stay on the forefront of media monitoring to be a real benefit to our clients. Monitoring print, broadcast, web and social networks is no longer enough to fill the needs of the marketplace. So we have spent 2010 gearing up for the launch of our social media management service October 1, 2010. The new suite of services, to unroll Oct 1, include blog-writing by award-winning journalists on behalf of our clients, and managing social media in ways that will promote, advocate and protect our clients’ brands.

I look forward to the day I see a tweet from our staff suddenly appear on a
digital interactive billboard advocating our client’s brand. That day is not
far away.

Jeff Ryan


MediaGofer, Inc.

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