Proof Social Media Matters

You don’t have to look far to find evidence of social media influence. Tweeting, “viral video” shot with cell phones and social networking pages were used to provide evidence of governmental wrong-doing, organize peaceful protests and galvanize world opinion against a brutal dictatorship that ultimately forced the political leader of an oppressive regime to flee his country. As recent events in Tunisia have shown, opinions in cyber-space can make a powerful impact when leveraged appropriately.

But few companies have the resources to cover just the fundamentals of these latest word-of-mouth resources – dedicating staff who learn the social media space, preparing a social media plan, building a presence and monitoring communications to build on positives and address potential reputation-busting negatives.

To stay out of social media is to sacrifice countless development opportunities, but to invest so much capital into education and staff can be risky. Staff time is valuable and hiring individuals can be expensive, so what’s a business to do?

Engage Your Customers (and Future Customers)

Media Gofer is a cost-effective, professional way to manage your media presence on the Web and beyond. Media Gofer monitors and analyzes electronic communications and “media mentions” about your company’s products and services and even your company’s name. Then we tell you how your company is perceived and performing in the world of public opinion.

And we do it the way you would like it done – with people who are experts in the field. Utilizing a proven combination of trained media professionals and proprietary software – elinks – tailored to meet your unique needs. We don’t waste your time with generic search engine aggregators that dump useless links in your email in-box leaving you to sort through the mess.

As your media partner, we offer a suite of services that you tailor to suit your needs:

• Social Media Management
• Active Engagement
• Media Monitoring

Still not convinced? Consider this:

67% of consumers were primarily influenced by word of mouth
(source: Mckinsey/Thompson Lightstone).
70% of Inc. 500 marketers are planning a word of mouth marketing strategy next year
(source: eMarketer).
50% of U.S. and U.K. executives are “highly likely” to buy a product or service based on word of mouth (source: Keller Fay).

Reputation Matters

Consumers are smart, money savvy and want to know about the company and services they use so leveraging every opportunity to get in touch and stay in touch is critical. The back fence and chatting with neighbors while hanging laundry might be gone, but talking about the products people like, and dislike, hasn’t changed at all.

One negative comment in the social media sphere can damage, even destroy, your reputation. Timely response is the best tool to minimize the impact of negative comments about your brand, and active engagement is a cost-effective, rapid-response tool, if you know how to do it right.

The Media Gofer staff becomes your staff in order to greatly increase your brand’s awareness in industry related forums, blogs, Wikipedia, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and more. We will work with you to create or enhance the effectiveness of your Facebook page, Twitter page, company blog and other electronic resources to ensure consistent, high-quality communications with your existing customers and those who will be your customers in the future.

Media Gofer listens and develops relationships with consumers on behalf of your brand. We watch the conversation and provide you with intelligence on every comment we make in the social media sphere on your behalf.


About Media Gofer

Media Gofer offers a scalable social media savvy team working in concert with your PR department to actively engage consumers and businesses in the social media sphere. We promote, advocate, respond and protect the client’s brand in the social media sphere.

With over 40 years of observing and responding to changes and trends in this media industry, our staff members are highly trained specialists who search and archive the media relevant to you. We engage your customers, your competition’s customers and produce social media tailored to increase your brand awareness and loyalty.

Even though we are on the forefront of media technology, we believe more than ever in the importance of personal contact. When you call us with questions, you won’t have to figure out a complicated voicemail system; you’ll talk to a person. We are always just a tweet, email, Facebook comment or phone call away.

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