Empire Avenue the next/best social influence indicator?

I started playing Empire Avenue last week after viewing an interview Robert Scobile @scobileizer posted with CEO and Co-founder of Empire Avenue Duleepa @Dups Wijayawardhana. I watched the interview which ran about 50 minutes with much interest and as the interview went on the interest became excitement. Why? Because I have long been a believer in the human component as the best way to determine influence. Empire Avenue incorporates the human component to determine your social value.

Media Gofer, Inc. monitors and analyzes all online press, network and cable broadcast and social networks to our clients’ specifications. We listen and develop relationships with consumers on their brand’s behalf. We watch the conversation and respond accordingly. Consumers want a conversation. Consumers don’t want to be marketed to… They want to be listened to and social media empowers them so brands must be answerable to them. Social influence is not tweets, likes, re-tweets etc. It’s what peers on social channels think that really matter. Our staff determine what the sentiment is on every media hit we harvest for a client. Algorithms have proven to be notoriously unreliable in terms of sentiment analysis. We believe its the human component that make our service more accurate and valuable.

My excitement is not because of an exciting new social game to play. It was because I saw a potentially more accurate influence measurement alternative to Klout or Peer Index. Klout and Peer index have been the darlings of many marketers lately as they provide a measurement of influence on social channels. They mostly measure how many followers, re-tweets, likes, etc. you have. What I like about Empire Avenue is that the values are determined not just by tweets, likes, youtube views, etc but also by real people. A human component has been added to the formula on Empire Avenue. Players of the game help determine your social influence by being willing to buy shares in your stock. That goes to the heart of what social media is all about, “people being social” and “people” making a decision not just another algorithm.

The jury is out on Empire Avenue and how influential it will be. As of this writing over 25,000 people are playing the game. If @empireave truly goes mainstream then marketers are sure to be as interested in your Empire Avenue share price as your Klout score or Peer index.

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    Doesn’t it also hold true that your share value is also based on your investment in others. Meaning you have to be an active participant to increase your own value. This is why I feel Empire Ave has potential, but if it’s been around for a couple years and really hasn’t made movement past becoming another variation of Farmville, it’s nothing more that a time suck right now.

    29 Apr 2011 |

  1. Thanks for taking the time to comment. I see a lot of potential with EA and if it takes off anything like Zynga has… then we have something of a more reliable influence metric.

    29 Apr 2011 |