The Dumbing Down of the Media Monitoring Industry

social-media-news-icon1Time flies by so fast and the evolution of media is a perfect example of how quickly things change … Yet… Stay the same….when Frank Burelle and Robert Luce started the first clipping services in 1888. They couldn’t have foretold the evolution of media to the 24 hour cable news cycle, explosion of citizen journalism, corporate blogs and endless social network channels.

In recent years it seems as many media monitoring companies have popped up as there are tweets in the Twittersphere. In the last 40 years over 100 media monitoring services have entered the industry. Just in the past 5 years over 30 social media monitoring companies have entered the scene and some of the more notable “SAAS .coms” have been purchased for millions by multi national monitoring companies.

SAAS (software as a service) is the latest buzz word for the modern office setting suggesting savings through technology. The problem is…. SAAS has only served to “dumb down” the media monitoring industry. A glorified media search engine alert doesn’t compare to the human brain. That’s why our largest national competitor boasts “human verified” media monitoring as its’ “premium” service.

Today most of these companies provide their monitoring services through (SAAS) and search algorithms…… What separates us from them is the human factor. In fact, there are only a handful of press monitoring companies that still use human

Many do it yourself “DIY” media monitoring services have come on the scene with the explosion of Social Networks. The big drawback however is the DIY portion of the service; the user must do most of the work. A fancy platform with nice charts and reports only report as well as the quality of the data. A search algorithm can’t read in between the lines. Key word search is the dumbed down version of monitoring.

One PR marketing software company grew exponentially by offering several services after going Public in 2005, They bought a Journalist Database, a Customer Relations Platform (CRM) and a FaceBook customizing company to offer a wide array of services to become a “must have tool” in corporate PR/ Marketing tool boxes. They have become very successful and are now a global company. Seeing that success a International Wire service got into the business reselling a very similar media search service. otherguysIn fact many companies, including our company use the same web crawler search service.

Does SAAS replace the job once done by people? Maybe.. It is easier there is no doubt about that. It even saves time; but is it better? Is it smarter? Does it save money? We don’t think so.

The bottom line is…. The other guys don’t really monitor anything!

The difference between us and the host of SAAS firms out there is the web crawler search used and resold as monitoring by the other guys is just one of five methods we use to search the online media for our clients.urmlogotoday
URMediaNow uses human editors who actually READ the newspapers, search the web. validate media hits, edit broadcast segments and assign sentiment. Our competitors can’t say that! Think about it.

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