Blog World New Media Expo Was AWESOME!

BY Jeff Ryan

Blog World Started with Keynote speaker Scott Stratten, author of UNmarketing with his message of be AWESOME… because people don’t buy mediocre…they buy AWESOME. Stratten’s message set the tone through the entire conference. Stratten was one of many rock stars of new media I had the pleasure to engage at Blog World.

The event confirmed my belief that the future of journalism is indeed the blogosphere and active engagement in social networks is the future of successful marketing or should I say UNmarketing stategies.

The three day conference in Las Vegas was full of informative new media panel presentations covering Real estate, health care, SEO/ SEM, blogging, crisis communication, social media & ROI and much more.

My favorite panel discussions were “Digital Crisis Communication” that included Scott Monty who heads up the social media function for Ford and has been called “the best corporate social media lead on the planet” and “How to hire a social media agency” which featured David Armano, SVP for Edelman, C.C. Chapman founder of The Advance Guard and Jim Tobin, President of Ignite social media, one of the nation’s first social media agencies. I was impressed with the openness the panelists shared their secrets of success for a host of national brands.

Of course there were lots of parties to attend of which I managed to make it to only a couple. One highlight for me was seeing my first Cirque du Soleil performance, Viva Elvis. I have been to many Broadway shows and Viva Elvis was very reminiscent of the classic Broadway show of song and dance with the addition of gravity defying acrobatics. If you loved Elvis you will love Viva Elvis and if you aren’t an Elvis fan you will love Viva Elvis!

Blog World was an awesome learning experience and I look forward to Blog world 2011!

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