Why doesn’t Hummingbird have the Media Monitoring Industry humming?

IMG_3703.JPG__36_documents__36_total_pages_-600x449For the first time in 12 years, Google has completely rewritten its search algorithm. Panda and Penguin were updates to the existing algorithm but Hummingbird is a complete replacement designed to deliver results from questions and not just keywords. The name of the game now is…”conversational search”.

It’s big news for any businesses with an internet presence and even bigger news for the numerous SaaS (Software as a Service) companies that in recent years have entered the media monitoring arena.

Why? Because all the new kids on the block, “SaaS” services rely on automated key word search and have no staff actually reading newspapers or verifying the validity of each media hit.

Hummingbird was built to understand longtail searches, meaning, searches in the form of questions, the way we talk and converse with each other.

This is the future!

So…. what does this mean for Monitoring companies that just enter key word searches into a search engine? Hummingbird has changed the way search works. Hummingbird is “conversational search”. It means the keyword search clients are counting on for their news is now obsolete and “behind the times”.

In the same way SaaS changed the monitoring industry and nearly killed traditional news clipping services with automated search; Hummingbird has quite possibly saved the day for media monitoring companies that still have a staff of editors actually reading and analyzing the news. The days of keyword search alone are over.

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