Meltwater enters Bidding War for Cision

February 14th 2014 was a big news day for the media monitoring industry when Cision announced it had accepted an initial offeA Spanner Wrench stuck between cog gear wheels.r to be acquired by Blue Canyon Holdings, a subsidiary of GTCR Investment X AIV Ltd. The offer was for a 52 SEK ( Swedish Crowns ) per share or approximately $132 million dollars. This development was a big surprise to an already shrinking media monitoring industry because it meant a further consolidation of the “automated monitoring / marketing business. However……

It was not going to be a smooth transfer if Meltwater holdings had any thing to say about it…and…. it so happens they do have a basis to slow the sale.

According to a report on Dagens Industri March 19th, “Meltwater actually owns 10.1 % of Cision. More than 10 percent of the shares are sufficient for Meltwater to stop a compulsory acquisition of the shares.

This meansModern-Times-8 that Meltwater can put a spoke in the wheel of GTCR Investment, as through the company Blue Canyon has made ​​an offer for Cision and increased their bid Thursday morning from 52 to 55:10 SEK per share.

DI.SE also reported “Meltwater can have significantly more long -term plans than that.”

GTCR Investment writes namely in its last press release that they received notice from Cision if any other commandment , which may mean that Meltwater has been in contact with Cision or there is another third party that’s looking at the company.”images

At the very least they can increase the value of their stock holdings in Cision just by muddying up the works of this sale.

The bigger question which I will explore later is what do the latest round of media monitoring acquisitions mean to the PR / Marketing industries?

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